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If you are looking for a tomato that will hold its shape well when cut, will create thick sauces easily when cooked, and one that can be eaten in huge quantities without stomach concerns, then you have found your tomato.

Galaxy Tomatoes Low Acid tomatoes are very popular in bolognaise and lasagne recipes as the fruit is very pulpy for good, thick sauce, and is very easy to eat in large quantities. 

Besides cooking, Low Acid Tomatoes are a tomato solution for people with diabetes or suffering from acid reflux, due to their lower acidity levels compared to standard tomatoes.  Don't worry about the "health food" designation - they wouldn't be in our line-up if they didn't taste good!

These are the largest in our line up of low acid tomatoes.  For smaller options, see Tasty Plum, Angels and Golden Sweet Bites.

Summary: Medium Size, Brix Level 5-7, Firm Flesh, Unique Features: A larger, firm tomato that will hold its shape when cut or cooked and can be eaten in huge quantities.

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